About Us


Gothic Forever started selling on eBay back in 2006
We started selling on Etsy in 2018

We are an Asatru Company.
We are an LGBTQ+ Company.
We support Black Lives Matter movement.
We are feminist, pro choice, and believe in equal rights for all.

Gothic Forever is a small business. Buying from us buys our dinner, pays our rent, and supports our lives. Thank you for your help!

Blessed be and hail well.

About Phynix

Phynix is a very creative woman that has been doing jewelry making for over 10 years, electronic design for over 15 years, and is 4th generation of her family to start and run a small business. She loves trying her best to make customers happy!

About Cecelie

Cecelie is a pro black, nerdy goth gamer, and intersectional feminist. She has a huge interest in fashion, as well as Gothic culture. She's new to the Gothic Forever family and very excited to offer customers the best products and service available.


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