Guide to Gemstone Healing Sets

Gothic Forever's
Guide  to Gemstone
Healing Sets

What is a healing set?
A gemstone healing set is a set of gemstones that have been carefully selected for their metaphysical properties to help or aid with various ailments or problems. It is not a cure for a serious medical condition! If you have a serious medical condition consult a doctor.

What is a metaphysical aid?
A metaphysical aid can be anything from a gemstone, to a talisman, to other such objects that are intended to help you.

How do I use my set?
Most importantly for any kind of metaphysical aid to work is a connection or bond between you and the aid. Without this your energy can not flow into the aid and allow the aid to change or alter that energy. I always recommend using just 1 or 2 gemstones at a time. As you feel they help you may slowly add another one or remove one. Ideally I would suggest keeping a journal of which stones helped you and which did not. At the end of figuring out which ones help then slowly add them together. Its kinda like lifting weights, don't start at 100 pounds, work your way up to it.
Step by step:
1 – Cleanse all the stones/aids one at a time.
2 – find what works by keeping them with you one at a time.
3 – Once you find the ones that work well for you then try keeping just 2 of those with you at a time. Eventually 3, and so on until you have just the stones that helped with you.

How do I cleanse my set?
Cleansing is a process to remove any other foreign energies from the aid. Most importantly is is a way for you to start to create a connection or bond with the aid. This is extremely important and should be understood as the primary reason for cleansing a aid. There are many ways to cleanse an aid. Always cleanse gemstones or aid one at a time. Here are some of the most common methods:
Sage / Smudging – Burn sage in a safe burning bowl, rest the gemstone in your hand above the sage smoke, or place the gemstone inside the smoke.
Fire – Place the gemstone in a small fire, blow out the flame shortly afterwards. This method is dangerous as you can burn yourself or crack the stone if the heat is too high, but it can be a very bonding experience.
Natural Water – Use rain water, ocean water, a water fall, or other sources of purely naturally occurring water flow. Hold the stone into the water, or enter the water with the stone.
Sun Light / Moon Light – Using a mirror, your hand, or other items; expose your gemstone to direct sunlight or the light from a full moon.
Earth / Ground – Bury you aid or gemstone in the ground for a period time.
Large Clusters – Using other stones to “over power” the energy of a smaller one. Place a much smaller stone onto a much larger one, leave it there for a period of time.
Meditating – Meditating with your stone, reflecting on it, is another way to “over power” the foreign energies in a stone. This process may involve multiple meditations.

How long should you cleanse an aid for?
A cleansing period can be as long as a single earth rotation (24 hours) or some value of time that is significantly important to you. The exact time is only as significant as how you feel towards it. Do it for as long as you feel you need to. It's about a connection with the aid. Be wary that any method that involves heat, salt water, or smoke may damage an aid depending on what it is made out of. Gemstones for example can crack under high heat, and some gemstones can not be gotten wet without them damaging from the liquid. Most silicate based stones are safe for most methods of cleansing.

Can you cleanse a stone multiple times?
Yes! It's not only something you can do multiple methods but I'd recommend cleansing a stone every so often. How often? That's up to you. When you hold the stone does it still feel special and bonded to you? Or does it feel like a friend you haven't heard from in a while. You need to keep a connection or bond with an aid for it to help you.

What if you're having a problem with bonding or connecting?
There are many other ways to help create a bond or connection with a metaphysical aid. Some things you can do is meditate with the stone. Keep the stone near by you while you do your daily activities. Maybe take it out and place it on your desk as you work so that you can glance over at it and see it sitting there waiting for you. I've heard of people naming their stones, or cuddling with them. You can sleep with the stone inside a pillow case (wrap it in a face cloth so you don't get hurt while sleeping.) Anything that you feel would help you form a personal bond or connection is the right thing to do.

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